Our next meeting…

May 2021 Collin County Municipal Elections

On May 1st, Collin County voters will be electing new leadership in their cities and schools. Unfortunately, most citizens will cast their votes with little or no knowledge of the people whom they are entrusting to govern, decide taxes, and establish laws for our communities and policies for how are children are educated.

Municipal elections in Texas are constitutionally deemed to be “non-partisan.” In reality, there is NO SUCH THING. All elections are partisan. Our municipal elections are merely undisclosed partisan elections.

Without the ‘R’ or the ‘D’, most voters have no inkling of candidates’ world views, And, without a party, there’s no organized mechanism for holding the elected accountable for the work they perform. And, while some might say, “the next election holds them accountable,” I would suggest that, by their own accord, most voters won’t hold an elected official accountable since they have little idea what their elected officials are doing.

At our next meeting, we will hold a discussion of the candidates within this municipal election. I would not presume to tell anyone how they should vote. However, we will exchange information on the candidates. And, any candidates or their representatives in attendance will be permitted to present themselves.

With early voting beginning Monday, April 19th, we’ll have an opportunity to put that information to work quickly!

I look forward to seeing you! And, don’t forget… we’re back at Spring Creek BBQ!

—Bill Blake, President of The Lincoln Society