Our next meeting…

A Critical Analysis of Critical Race Theory

Last month, both chambers of the Texas Legislature rejected the teaching of Critical Race Theory as part of the curriculum in our public schools. The Governor is expected to sign the final bill.

This month at Lincoln, we will spend just a few minutes discussing what Critical Race Theory is, what its key tenets are, what it hopes to accomplish, and how it is actively pursuing its goals, both actively and passively. However, this will not be a 101-class on CRT. We’ll apply critical analysis to CRT. We’ll engage the points where the advocates of CRT are actually correct—believe it or not! You may actually find yourself smiling during this part. And, we’ll also equip you to challenge some of their assumptions, how they seek to apply those assumptions, and where appropriate common ground can be found without compromising conservative beliefs.

RERUM COGNOSCERE CAUSUS. To understand the cause of things.

Because once you understand it, you can engage it more effectively as a grassroots conservative.

We look forward to seeing you! And, don’t forget two things… we’re back at Spring Creek BBQ, and tell a friend!

—Bill Blake, President of The Lincoln Society