The State of the County Address

Noon, Wednesday, December 12th

Keith-Texas Flag2

Our December meeting at The Lincoln Society is always a great one.  Traditionally, this has been the meeting at which Judge Keith Self delivers the State of the County Address, his perspective on the accomplishments and challenges faced by the citizens and government of Collin County, Texas.

However, this month marks a very special meeting, indeed.  Judge Self will deliver his final State of the County Address at Lincoln before he retires at the end of the month.

Since 2007, Keith has led our county with the principles of conservatism.  And, while many metropolitan counties in Texas have descended into the murky depths of taxation and waste, Collin County has been that shining beacon on the plains.

We enjoy a county government strong in its essential purposes, while also enjoying the most efficiently run county in the state, enormously considerate of the tax burden its citizens must carry.  This is reflective of Keith Self’s leadership and his voting record.

Please join us as we hear his words and pay tribute to his hard work, grit, and determination.

For dues paying members, the lunch is on us!

This month at Lincoln.  We’ll see you there!