Hello, my friends,

We will have a special election-prep meeting of The Lincoln  Society will take place Wednesday, September 9th at noon—our normal day and time.  However, as was the case last month, the meeting will take place at the Saltgrass Steakhouse Plano East on US 75 just north of Parker Road rather than our traditional venue (Spring Creek BBQ), which still will not allow us to use their private meeting room for our meeting.  We had a nice turnout last month, though I realize that the 15-minute extra drive to Saltgrass is difficult for some.  Lunch will be ordered from the menu this month.  I also realize that there were some concerns about the higher cost of food at Saltgrass as compared to Spring Creek.  The manager at Saltgrass, Jessica, has expressed a willingness to put together a fixed price menu for our group, which we can discuss at the meeting.

Our focus this month—as it must be—is the election and turnout, locally and nationally.  Special kudos tomorrow for those who can tell me what the significance of this map is:


I look forward to our fellowship with those who can come.  Don’t forget your mask for the walk from the front door to the meeting room.  Masks are an optional personal choice once you’re seated and, naturally, would be removed to eat.

I look forward to seeing you!

—Bill Blake, President of The Lincoln Society