Noon, Wednesday, August 14th

It can be easy to write off the idea of socialism in America.  For years, we’ve fought ridiculous liberals on Capitol Hill who looked to transfer wealth through tax policy and social spending.  But, something else is emerging.  It’s something that makes Bernie Sanders look quaint.

A new generation of Socialists are emerging.  They are skyrocketing in numbers. And, they are consolidating issues—climate change, gay rights, women’s empowerment, criminal justice reform, immigration, minimum wage, and more—into one encompassing envelope.  They are organizing from small towns to major cities, state capitols and Washington.  And, they are using social media powerfully to martial their forces, raise support, and to vilify those who stand in their way as racists, white supremacists, and oppressors.

Consider this.  These activists, increasingly dominating the messaging of the Democratic Party, scare Nancy Pelosi.  How concerned should conservatives be?

This month at Lincoln.  We’ll see you there!