Dear friends,

Our ability to conduct meetings has been at the mercy of several forces… 

  • Coronavirus?  Yes.
  • Governmentally-mandated closures?  Obviously.
  • Fear of liability risk at our normal facility?  Understandably.

The Democrats would like nothing better than to see our grassroots activity kept suppressed.  Well, no more.  At noon on August 12th, 2020, WE SHALL HOLD the next fellowship of The Lincoln Society.

I cannot tell you yet precisely where that meeting will be held.  It might be in the private meeting room at Spring Creek BBQ.  And, it might be held at another location.  Frankly, it might be a potluck lunch held in a barn or a revival tent!  What’s most important is that we’re not asleep when November rolls around.  It’s far too important that we not lose.

Clean off that Haz Mat suit and let’s get ready.  I have a sermon built-up in me to make all of North Texas shake.

More to follow as we nail down these details.  If you have input or suggestions, please call me directly with that… 214 287-5207.  May God bless you, good luck, and keep making wise decisions for yourself.

—Bill Blake, President of The Lincoln Society