Noon, Wednesday, March 13th


Ronald Reagan famously said, “Either you will control your government or your government will control you.”  People often forget that the front lines on this battle must be fought at the home front.

At The Lincoln Society this month, we are gathering for a critical purpose… to spot the wolves who are roaming amongst our flock in the upcoming municipal elections.  Municipal elections in Texas are “non-partisan.”  However, more and more, they are notoriously partisan without the benefit of partisan declaration.  Democrats and the rising wave of “Democratic Socialists” seek power at the municipal level, where they seek to impose a hard-left agenda on our traditionally conservative communities.  We will discuss some of these candidates—RINOs and Concealed Democrats—and some of the active groups working to advance their causes through Undeclared Partisan Elections.

WOLF SPOTTING requires a hunting party.  Wednesday’s luncheon will be a group participation workshop.  Bring what you know about any of the candidates—especially if you have evidence of liberal intentions.

Come join the party, this month at Lincoln.  We’ll see you there!