Noon, Wednesday, November 13th

Candy deskThis month at Lincoln, we extend a warm “Big Howdy” welcome to Texas Representative Candy Noble.  A legendary grass-roots Conservative activist, former representative to the State Republican Executive Committee for Senate District 31, a long-standing member of Lincoln, and dear friend, Candy will be sharing her observations and insights as a freshman legislator, an ardent conservative, and as one of the few Republican women serving in Austin.  She serves on the Texas House Ways & Means, Human Services, and General Investigating Committees.

Often times, brand new legislators sit quietly in the shadows while they “learn the ropes.”  In Candy’s first session, she authored 10 bills, co-authored 21 more, and sponsored and co-sponsored several more.  She pursued school finance and property tax reforms, protecting religious freedom and firearms rights, ending red-light cameras, and harsher terms for sexual assault.  She stood against cannabis and state dollars flowing to abortion providers and Israel boycotters.  She was one of five members of the Texas House to serve on the House conference committee for SB 2, signed into law by the Governor, which attempts to bring greater transparency to taxation and requires voter approval of any city seeking to raise property tax revenues by more than 3.5% annually.  


There’s been a great deal said and written about the 86th Legislature, celebrations and disappointments.  We look forward to Candy sharing hers.  And just in case you don’t know her fired-up spirit, here are a couple of famous photos that set the tone…

This month at Lincoln.  We’ll see you there!