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Welcome to The Lincoln Society!

As one of the oldest co-educational Republican organizations in Texas, we gather monthly for engaging programs, to promote liberty and economic freedom, to exchange ideas and information, to support grassroots activities in our community, and–most importantly–to fellowship with one another.

You are invited!  You don’t need a reservation, a string of pearls, or a fancy tie.  You pay for your own lunch.  We don’t charge an admission fee; but, if you decide you like the group, we invite you to become a member for just $25 per year.

Would you like to get more involved in conservative politics?  We will help you get started!  There’s so much going on, you’re bound to find a way to participate that excites you.

The Lincoln Society generally meets the second Wednesday of each month.  Look here for information on our next meeting.

We can’t wait to meet you and break bread with you!

Officers of The Lincoln Society

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