Past Programs: Speakers and Presentations


imageThe Lincoln Society strives to present quality programs which our members will find informative and timely.  We seek to engage speakers who represent the best in their respective fields and our community, including the most influential conservatives and top elected officials.

Bill Blake and Bill Mills also seek to bring clarity to events of particular relevance to conservatives. For example, we engaged Hiram Sasser of The Liberty Institute in the very next meeting after the SCOTUS ruling in June 2015 to discuss its impact. Bill Blake’s presentation on China’s March to superpower status enlisted resources and contributors from around the world and reviewed China’s most threatening weapons just 4  days after they were unveiled in the  September 2015 military parade. Bill Mills’ presentation, The Future of Collin County, gave us a remarkable portrait of what our area will look like over the next two decades.  Bill Blake’s presentations, Reagan’s Grand Strategy and Socialism Rising, have been presented to other conservative forums.

We will continue to build this catalog with new entries and greater detail.


Recent Presentations of The Lincoln Society

If you would like a performance of any of these presentations for your group, please contact Bill Blake of The Lincoln Society, 214 287-5207.


Speakers:  Elected Officials, Party Officials, and Political Professionals

Speakers:  Professionals & Activists for Liberty and Economic Freedom


Speakers:  Community Engagement

Our apologies to the decades of treasured past speakers who have not been included here.  The speakers above represent just the past 4½ years.